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Vintage watches




2016 / Master of Arts in Design and Applied Arts

International postgraduate school promoted by the Richemont

Group, which gives specialized training in jewellery, watchmaking

and fashion accessories, mainly leather goods.

Merit Scholarship awarded through the swiss IKEA foundation.

(Creative Academy, Milan)

2012-2015 / Bachelor of Science Industrial Design & Engineering

Major: ergonomics and product design

(Haute École Arc Ingénierie, Neuchâtel)


2008-2012 / Swiss federal baccalaureate integrated to a technical drawer apprenticeship

Swiss federal baccalaureate integrated to a technical drawer

apprenticeship. Award for the best grade (5.1/6).

(TURCK, Delémont)


2022-Present / Designer - Richard Mille

Watch Design

2021-2022 / Designer - WeDesignWatches

Watch Design, 3D Modelling and 3D Renderings.

2019-2020 / Mechanical & Design Engineer - Adatte Design


On one hand, analysis and technical development of projects. On the other hand, product design and 3D renderings.


2018 / Design Intern - Hublot

6 months internship within the Hublot special pieces department. Design of the new straps collection, watch box concepts, several travel cases and the new certificate of authenticity.

2017 / Civil service - Project assistant CEAS

Assignment of one year as a project assistant at the NGO Albert Schweitzer Ecological Center. Development of a market cart for Madagascar, a solar fruit dryer as well as designing technical files for several technologies.

2016 / Design intern - A.Lange&Söhne

3 months internship at the design studio of A. Lange & Söhne in Dresden. Design of several watches including complications according to the specifications written by the head of design.

2015 / Design intern - Vacheron Constantin

Design of a bespoke timepiece for the swiss brand Vacheron

Constantin within its unique service: The Atelier Cabinotiers.

2008-2012 / Technical drawer - TURCK

Certificate of capacity of technical drawer. Various injection moulds design for the production and mechanical department.

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